2013 Indian Wells Arts Festival Commemorative Print


“Trail to the Pyramids” – The essence of Indian Wells by Linda Lee Kinman and Dusty Kinman 18″x24″ print. Standard frame size.


“Trail to the Pyramids” – The essence of Indian Wells 18″x24″ 6-color hexichrome print with outstanding reproduction. Standard frame size. Original 48” x 36” Knife/Oil Painting Renowned mother-and-son artists Linda Lee Kinman and Dusty Kinman, of Kinman Studios in Dexter, Oregon, capture the fleeting beauty of desert wildflowers along an inviting path leading to rugged mountains in this inspiring piece titled Trail to the Pyramids. Created exclusively for the 11th annual Indian Wells Arts Festival, the artistic duo paint in oils on linen canvas using palette knives, not brushes, to create the detailed, light-filled work. The Kinmans specialize in painting Southwest deserts in the springtime. “This is a view of a vista we captured in a photo, when we were standing at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden looking towards the magnificent, pyramid-shaped Santa Rosa peaks in the Springtime,” noted Dusty. “This is part of the actual mountain range that nestles the City of Indian Wells. An imaginary pathway leading towards the pyramids was created to capture the imagination.” “I love adding the final details of the paintings, working on the desert flora. Dusty works on the mountains and trees, and I love adding to the foreground,” adds Linda. “The red flowers bursting from beavertail cacti, yellow brittle bush and white popcorn flowers blossom, while smoke trees beckon with an unspoken invitation to wander deeper within.” It takes the Kinmans approximately three weeks to create their joint work of artDusty, with the encouragement of his late father, who was also an artist, attended his first festival at the age of 19 and sold 17 paintings in three days. He does what he does because he “loves life.” “Hidden hearts grace most every painting. We’re planning a special contest will be held to guess how many hearts are hidden in this Indian Wells Arts Festival 2013 commemorative poster”