2012 Indian Wells Arts Festival Commemorative Print


“VIAJE MÍSTICO” – Mystical Journey 24″x36″ 6-color hexichrome print. Standard frame size.


“VIAJE MÍSTICO” – Mystical Journey 24″x36″ 6-color hexichrome print with outstanding reproduction. Standard frame size. Original 26” x 20” Acrylic on Watercolor Paper My daydream of traveling to Matto Grosso — the Amazon flatlands of Midwestern Brazil — from my native town of La Paz on the outskirts of the Andes Mountains, became a reality at the age of 17. After many days traveling through the jungle in a steam powered train called “Maria Fumaca” (Steamer Maria) we made a routine stop in the middle of nowhere to load piles of wood into the train engine’s compartment for use and storage. You did this if you were a paid passenger or not! After working, I went to rest for a while by a natural pool of water. Suddenly hundreds of butterflies appeared and joined the other dragonflies and fishes. As the pond provided their refreshment, it transformed into an artist palette creating layers of new colors. After minutes of delight they again took flight, ascending in unison and creating a brilliant array of luminous hues. Gracefully they circled, fluttered and danced their way towards the Amazon flat lands, slowing disappearing as if an ethereal dream. The sound of the train’s horn calling for departure interrupted Nature’s visual symphony and I had to run fast to catch my wagon. However this vibrant memory has remained with me as a mystical, magical moment filled with life, enchantment and energy. I memorialize this symbol of renewal and transformation with VIAJE MÍSTICO the commemorative poster image for the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Indian Wells Arts Festival. The journey continues. In 2003, Mario created the Festival’s first poster Reflections, which depicts images of the beginnings of life among the Yanomani Indians from the Amazon Rain Forest. “VIAJE MÍSTICO is a natural progression — a metamorphosis — which captures the beauty and energy of renewal and transformation. The ascending butterflies are the perfect symbol to represent our 10th Anniversary celebration.