2006 Indian Wells Arts Festival Commemorative Print


“Desert Bloom” by Dennis Nagatani 18×24


“Desert Bloom” by Dennis Nagatani 18×24 After graduating from college, Nagatani’s passion for art gradually turned a hobby into a vocation. Primarily a self-taught artist, Nagatani’s individual style has been on a gradual, yet deliberate evolution from earlier representational paintings to his current luminous paintings of color and design. In 1994 Dennis and his wife Susan moved from the Bay Area to the foothills of the Sierras. After that move, his paintings began to become larger and more abstract. The turning point came with his introduction to fluid acrylics applied to large canvases. “The subject matter of my paintings is the color itself. My goal is to create a composition with color, and to evoke feelings of movement and energy and light.” The non-objective nature of the paintings allows each viewer ample room for interpretation. The large scale of the canvases combined with the luminosity of the color glazes has the visual effect of captured light and three-dimensional depth. Each limited edition poster is hand signed by the artist.