2004(a) Indian Wells Arts Festival Commemorative Print


“Desert Night” by Linda Pirri 18×24


“Desert Night” by Linda Pirri 18×24 Both posters for 2004 were created by Linda Pirri of Laguna Beach. Linda has developed special techniques transporting the ancient art form of “Serfi”, the painting on silk with brilliant dyes and inks, to a new dimension. Her works were chosen for their harmonious blending of the essential ingredients of the 2004 Festivals: Indian Wells, scenery, ambience, wine, food and art – with her delightful composition, contemporary design and vibrant,saturated hues and coloration. As anyone who has ever seen Indian Wells and the neighboring Desert Resort cities can attest “Desert Night” was chosen to be the official poster for the Indian Wells Arts Festival because of Linda’s exquisite rendering of the Desert community at dusk. Each limited edition poster is hand signed by the artist.