2003 Indian Wells Arts Festival Commemorative Print


“Reflections” by Mario Cespedes 18×24


“Reflections” by Mario Cespedes 18×24 Mario Cespedes’s versatile palette rekindles reflections of the Yanomami Indians from the Amazonas Rain Forest. By applying up to seven layers of acrylic paint to create pigment diversity, shade and unique shapes, his patchwork comes to life in a 36 x 48 original which was selected to be the artwork for the premier Indian Wells Arts Festival Poster. Of Bolivian American heritage, Cespedes latest imaginary depiction enlivens a tranquil mood of a very primitive culture and vibrantly brings an ancient life into harmony with nature. While enjoying capturing history in a contemporary style, Cespedes is also well-known for his large scale portraits similar to those of Paul Gauguin and Diego Rivera. Each limited edition poster is hand signed by the artist.