Images and Requirements
Be sure to complete ALL items below or your application may be delayed or returned!


4 Digital Images

  • 3 images of your artwork
  1. Title
  2. Dimensions
  3. Materials
  • 1 image of your booth or display (showing artworks)
  1. Place booth image as # 4 in sequence.

Artist Information
This can be copied and pasted from your computer document into the space provided on the application.

  • Artist Information Statement which explains HOW YOU CREATE YOUR WORK:
    materials used, technique and style.
    *NOTE: This is NOT an essay on why, when, where and how you started being an artist. The jury needs to know your materials and process to confirm your category.

  • Brief biographical and prior show information.

Image Formats
  • Recommended Dimensions: 1920 pixels on the longest side
  • Border/Background: Black
  • File Format: Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.
  • File Size: JPEGs should be under 5 MB in size.
  • Recommended Resolution: between 72 and 300 ppi
  • Color space: Save images in an RGB color space, preferably sRGB

Caution:If you plan to use your ZAPP™ images, make sure you use the original images you prepared for upload to ZAPP™.  It is our experience that artists who download their images from the ZAPP™ website are actually getting images that are smaller in size than what they uploaded.  Be careful.

** Our image requirements follow the suggestions of the NAIA (National Association of Independent Artists); allowing you to use your digital images already prepared for other events that use ZAPP™.

If you need additional help:
Just email us at or call or fax Production Office at 760-346-0042

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