2016 IWAF Featured Artist
Marna Schindler
“Spirit of Indian Wells”  by Marna Schindler

“Spirit of Indian Wells”

Original 32”h x 24”w acrylic painting canvas.
This is a 6-color hexichrome print with outstanding reproduction.
Print size 18” x 24” fits standard frame size.

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Artist Marna Schindler

A premier southern California artist, Marna Schindler’s award-winning art is found in galleries and private collections across the nation, including as a featured artist at the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, and now as the 2016 Indian Wells Arts Festival commemorative poster artist. Chosen for her distinct ability to create expressive and often times whimsical celebrations of nature, Marna’s compositions invite the viewer to settle in and feel the work, finding sensory experience in shape, line and color.

"The desert is one of my most favorite environments," says Marna. "It's really lush; it seems dry but, there's really so much life thriving within it. That’s in part what inspired me to paint Spirit of Indian Wells." Enthused by the vibrant palette of early twentieth century artists, Marna paints in the style of Gauguin’s cloisonnism with bold colors and strong lines that draw subtle details from the background strikingly into the foreground.

Artist Marna Schindler

“I’m a big fan of a lot of the things that appear in the painting and commemorative poster,” she furthers. “I hope it brings people a sense of discovery, joy and pride in experiencing the wonders of the desert. Sprit of Indian Wells is meant to honor the natural beauty of the desert, and to incite a dialogue between the viewer and the art.”

Marna’s lifelong connection to nature began at a young age attending art classes at the San Diego Zoo, and traveling with her family throughout California and Baja’s oceans, rivers, mountains and deserts. As a child Marna was featured in National Geographic’s Kids World, and as an accomplished adult she has illustrated for the San Diego Museum of Man’s monthly Discovery magazine and captured awards for her editorial illustrations for San Diego State’s Daily Aztec. Her subjects are almost exclusively animals and nature, and all are infused with vivid color, bold and expressive brush strokes. Marna donates a portion of the proceeds from her art every year to organizations and shelters for the protection and welfare of animals.

“Marna’s style is captivating to the viewer’s curiosity, balancing the sense of awe with amusement while providing a sense of exploration. Spirit of Indian Wells is a storybook without words, cheerfully personifying our desert’s flora, fauna, and lively inhabitants,” Indian Wells Arts Festival producer Dianne Funk says with much delight. “It’s a wonderful addition to our series of commemorative prints which provide an affordable keepsake of the Festival.”

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